1.0. Background
KMC Associates has been appointed to provide Consultancy Services in Management of Accounting, Procurement, Human Resources and Tax Affairs and of one Electric and Electronic Engineering Company.
The Ultimate Objective is to improve efficiency and effectiveness in Data Capturing, Processing and Reporting on Financial Position and Performance of organization. Core areas that needs improvements are:

i) Procurement/Purchases and Accounts Payable Cycle
ii) Inventory (stores) and Supply to Jobs Cycle;
iii) Revenues and Receivables Management Cycle;
iv) Human Resources Data and Payrolls Cycle;
v) Fixed Assets Cost and Allocation (Register)
vi) Cash & Bank Module
vii) Revenue and Cost to Individual Jobs and as Consolidated

2.0 Functionality Sought from ERM/Accounting Package to be installed
The ERM/Accounting Package sought to be installed should be instantaneously Integrative with all key operational modules. Key operational modules includes but not limited to;
3.1. Cash & Bank Management Module
3.2. Revenue & Receivables Module
3.3. Purchases & Payables Module
3.4. Procurement, store/inventory and supply chain (distribution) module
3.5. Fixed assets Module
3.6. Individual Contracts Management (Jobs) Module.

4.0. Variable Price Quotation
It should well be noted that number of system users may range between two (2) and ten (10). Also the time allowed for system trial run before full payment for software rights have implication to suitability and choice. The quotation should take into account of following options;

  • ┬áNumber of users and access rights to the system including initiation of transactions, approval and data/ report view and retrieval from the system.
  • Time period allowed for all or some of users as part of software trial run
  • Period of initial training and support to the users before and after commissioning of the system.

5.0. Terms of contract

Please be informed that you will be undertaking the duty as sub-contractor to provide inputs to a wider job of KMC Associates. Yet your contract and all payments for work you do will be directly coming from the client

6.0 Suitability of the Proposed ERM/Accounting Package

The bid/proposal from supplier should demonstrate good understanding of ERM/ Accounting package with user friendly features and suitable to environment of multi-project engineering business.

7.0 Deadline and Submission

Eligible applicants should electronically submit their proposals via following address not later than 1600 Hours on 22nd October, 2016.

The submission address

Managing Partner, KMC Associates

Email: info@kmc.co.tz

Website: www.kmc.co.tz