Training and Human Resources Consulting

Training and Human Resources Consulting

KMC Associates designs and develops training options, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of our Clients. These are based on an in-depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance, and the level of performance which the Client wishes to achieve.

KMC Associates also specializes in the effective recruitment and selection of permanent, temporary and contract staff. We are confident that we can provide the skills, methodology and experience necessary to meet your requirements

Our interviewing and reference checking techniques, along with our objective assessments provide us with the basis for minimizing many risks inherent in the selection process. Specifically, we do candidate sourcing, advertising, screening of candidates, testing, interviewing, short listing, coordinating client-candidate interviews, reference checking, job offer, declining unsuccessful candidates. We can also tailor a specific solution to meet your needs.

KMC Associates also provides information, advice or support where specialized expertise is required to solve a current or potential problem, that is not readily available within the client’s organization, a type or level of objectivity is required which only an independent person could provide, or the Client lacks the time to do what they could normally do and so employs external assistance. This may include handling employment issues such as outsourcing of staff or the whole payroll function in the form of remuneration or entitlement, managing misconduct or poor performance, providing information of the Labour market, handling employment or independent contractor agreements, handling disciplinary or dismissal procedures, handling the restructuring or redundancy process, and creating/ reviewing HR Policies.

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